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I. Liability
a.) ODUN.NET does not take any responsiblity (therefore cannot be held responsible) for the data uploaded to its servers.
b.) ODUN.NET reserves the right the remove any file without prior warning from its servers, entirely based upon its own decision.

II. Disallowed content
a.) ODUN.NET users may NOT upload illegal images/movies/other media which interfere with any of the related laws of either the user's, or ODUN.NET's host country (ie. childporn)
b.) ODUN.NET users may NOT upload copyrighted works of any kind.

q: How much do I have to pay for this service?
a: ODUN.NET is not a hosting service entirely financed by its advertising partners - absolutely FREE to its end-users

q: Am I allowed to upload anything I'd like ??
a: No, not really. We are not hosting files. Please read the terms of service on "main page ". Anything other than those enlisted can go.

q: Upload/Download speeds are crappy!!
a: We are working 24/7 to keep our service a truly enjoyable experience for all. This requires a just distribution of our bandwidth among our users. The current download speed limit is 100 kbytes per second, the upload speed is so far not limited in any way. Should you fall below this limit, please drop us an e-mail with an attached traceroute from your computer to our servers. Thank you for your cooperation!

q: Is ODUN.NET a domain hosting service?
a:No. We are just redirecting and shorting URLs. We don't give domain hosting services.